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Sui generis

Think 21 Gallery

10/05/2010 > 11/05/2010

The Sui generis walls-header

Derived from Roman law, sui generis is a term meaning “of its own kind”. It thus originally refers to a problem of legal taxonomy and is used to designate a case whose singularity is such that it cannot be classified in any of the categories already listed, thus necessitating the creation of specific texts.

Inspired by images collected in encyclopedias at the beginning of the century, in colonial exploration books, in history or zoology books, as well as on the Internet, these watercolors thus deployed refer to a collection of images belonging to collective history. Through its encyclopedic vocation, this “imaginary museum” immediately positions the artist as a curious and fervent collector of images.

We find in his work the fundamental principles on the image revealed by Magritte: isolation, hybridization, modification, change of proportions, chance encounters, paradox, double images, the image and text couple, etc. His attitude towards the image and his desire to use it as a vector of meaning or the destruction of meaning, coupled with his experiences gleaned from the fields of digital art (where the image is a pure construction), puts him in a certain way in parallel with the surrealist movement.