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Yves Lecomte

Yves Lecomte


At the invitation of Stephan Balleux, Yves Lecomte has created two posters to be glued by oneself.

The two posters represent photographic reproductions of the artist’s later works, framed and reproduced again. The mise en abîme is twofold: the works are reproductions of themselves and the poster mimics the wall on which the poster will be placed. There is no limit to the number of editions. The prints are made according to the current industrial poster technique, with a blue reverse side. Intended to be applied on a wall, these works question the use of the work of art, its assumed impermanence: this type of poster reacts quickly to the action of light. A work of great conceptual quality although almost disposable after use.

Industrial printing

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Unlimited multiple

Magistra Deluxe Blueback 120 g


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Yves Lecomte was born in Binche on 23 April 1974, lives and works in Brussels.

He was a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Binche from 1986 to 1995, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels in 1996, and was awarded a scholarship by the Foundation for Tapestry, Fabric and Wall Arts in 1997.

He regularly exhibits both in Belgium (BPS 22, Musée d’Ixelles, La Centrale, Dexia Art Center) and abroad (Passage de Retz in Paris, NAMOC in Beijing).

His work is notably organised around pleasure, erasure, the double, the past and the accident.
His works consist of spaces and objects split up, mirrors sanded down or turned over, palindromes put into space, eglomerated, text whose progressive evaporation is caused by a faulty computer system, labelling errors, borrowings, movements and diversions of the film and television language, …
Yves Lecomte, using a wide variety of means of expression, manages to elaborate a discourse on the status of the image – in an era that is saturated with it – by avoiding representation as much as possible. He assimilates the codes of minimal aesthetics without ever attempting to reproduce their discourse; his entire body of work is imbued with a conceptual rigour, but deliberately contaminated, in a humorous and poetic way, by chance elements.
In 2011, he will publish his first monograph “How I became Prime Minister” in collaboration with the Province of Hainaut and the B.P.S.22.

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