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Abandon Tracks LP

Cédric Dambrain


For its first opus, SBV disregards its one and only rule by inviting the Belgian composer Cédric Dambrain.

This vinyl follows the encounter between the works of the two artists during Cédric Dambrain’s sound performance, which took place on 10 August 2014 in the Ixelles museum in Brussels, which was home to Stephan Balleux’s monographic exhibition “la peinture et son double” (painting and its double).

La peinture figurant sur la pochette est un détail de l’installation picturale “Panorama” de Stephan Balleux, pièce centrale de cette exposition.

Abandon Tracks (LP)

I – II    (15’23)
III – IV – V – VI    (17’24)

Recorded between April 2011 and June 2014.
Written and produced by Cédric Dambrain.
Cover artwork by Stephan Balleux.
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering, in a limited edition of 300 copies.

Sound By Visual – SBV001LP – November 2014

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Cédric Dambrain is a composer, performer and instrument designer based in Brussels. His sonic research includes compositions for ensembles, solo works, electronic/computer music, installations and live performances. He’s currently producing computer-generated material spanning a wide sonic palette, from anarchic electronics to surgical otoacoustic synthscapes – focusing on physiological sound experiments and perception thresholds. His debut album, Subjective Slave (CD), has been released in fall 2013. Next to his musical work, Cédric Dambrain has collaborated vastly in the field of music theater and dance performance. He recently completed the design of a music controller prototype with vibrotactile feedback, aiming to develop a genuinely physical approach of electronic music.

Abandon Tracks


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